la sicurezza per la tua casa o azienda, sempre e dovunque

security for your home or business, anytime and anywhere

Teleassistenza avanzata via IP

Remote assistance via IP

Ricezione allarmi

Alarm receiving systems

e-Connect is the new centralization, management and supervision service that integrates intrusion detection, video-surveillance, fire detection and home management systems in a unified cloud platform.

Intrusion detection


Fire detection

Home management

The user friendly interface of e-Connect allow end users to manage their systems on their own, from smartphone, tablet or PC. Thanks to the multi-level structure, e-Connect is a great business opportunity for installers and distributors too, in terms of fidelity of customers and tailored services.

The e-Connect platform is EN-50131 certified

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Intrusion detection

  • Online preview

    Online preview

    Control the status of your system: power supply, battery, alarms.
  • Intuitive icons

    Intuitive icons

    Enable and disable different areas of your home.
  • Inputs


    Control all your intrusion detection system's devices.
  • Anomalies


    Check if there are any anomalies in your intrusion detection system.
  • Events log

    Events log

    Easily check the log of all system events.
  • All-in-one


    Manage more systems with just one account (for example both primary residence and vacation house)
  • Real time notifications

    Real time notifications

    Receive real time notifications for each event.
  • Drop-down menu

    Drop-down menu

    Everything under control thanks to the handy drop-down menu.


    • InstaVision


      Receive intrusion detection system notifications and watch live video images or those recorded before the event.
    • Live view

      Live view

      Watch live all your videosurveillance system's cameras and share snapshots.
    • Multi-channel


      Watch up to 4 cameras simultaneously. Ability to enable talkback
    • Playback


      Watch the recordings (playback) of the CCTV system (video and audio)

      Fire detection

      • System status

        System status

        Control your fire detection system status and send commands for day/night, reset, silenced, evacuation and GSM disablement
      • Faults


        View the current faults or the control unit memories
      • History


        Control the history of the control unit events
      • Zones


        Monitor the conventional zones or the loop zones status
      • Panel outputs

        Panel outputs

        Control the control unit outputs status
      • Loop


        Check the loop and the connected devices status
      • Extinguish


        Monitor the extinguishing module status
      • Maps


        View the map for a quick and easy management of the fire detection system

        Home Management

        • Home automation

          Home automation

          Control lighting, heating, irrigation and much more.
        • Interactive maps

          Interactive maps

          Enable or disable devices directly touching icons on the map.
        • Programmable thermostat

          Programmable thermostat

          Remotely manage temperature and program all thermostats of your home.
        • Temperature graph

          Temperature graph

          Monitor the temperature of the last 24 hours, week or month.

          InstaVision® is the new integrated e-Connect function for video verification that creates a true synergy between EL.MO. intrusion detection systems, fire detection systems and CCTV e-Vision® PRO systems V1.2.6 and above. It allows receiving real time notifications about all its security systems and verify their condition immediately.
          When an event occurs InstaVision allows displaying live images, images recorded at the exact time of the event, and images recorded a 1 minute before the occurrence of the event. Such function enables to control whether the event is a false alarm or a true dangerous event.


          Learn more


          Learn more

          Welcome Google Home and Alexa!

          EL.MO. intrusion detection control units can communicate with Google and Amazon voice assistants.   Through e-Connect, the voice commands addressed to Google Home and Alexa allow instant control of the intrusion detection system.
          The e-Connect platform takes full advantage of Google Home and Alexa assistants potential in a simplified system management perspective. Google Home and Alexa assistants allow in fact to combine a group of activities, which will start working in response to a specific command; this set of activities is called "scenario" or "routine".

          Supported control units list

          Generic outputs and lights management
          Compatible control units:
          • VILLEGGIO from v8.6.4.0
          • HERCOLA from v8.6.4.0
          • PREGIO from v2.8.4.0
          • PROXIMA all versions
          Other prerequisites:
          • Outputs must be set in the control unit configuration as "Manual control" and "Activatable without authentication"
          Thermostat management
          Compatible control units:
          • VILLEGGIO all versions
          • HERCOLA all versions
          • PREGIO all versions (temperature reading only)
          • PROXIMA all versions
          Other prerequisites:
          • Gestione temperatura attivata su e-Connect (per lettura temperatura)
          • Temperature management activated on e-Connect (for temperature reading)

          System arming (Google Home only)
          Compatible control units:
          • All control units that support simplified codes (authentication without user number)

          Integration of e-Connect into IFTTT

          From now on, it will be possible to create infinite combinations and rules to automate the most useful and frequent activities, facilitating commands management and saving time!

          These and many other commands are now reality, thanks to the new integration between e-Connect and the IFTTT platform! It is a practical and free web service that, by connecting different external services, allows you to automate the daily actions related to home management, from the simplest to the most complex ones. IFTTT allows you to create associations like: "if a certain event occurs (trigger), then perform a certain action". Events and actions of the e-Connect service can also be used to create associations. All you need is an IFTTT account and an account for each of the selected services (eg. SPOTIFY, YOUTUBE, AMAZON ...) and the automations can be created quickly. The only limit is given by fantasy and imagination to create scenarios that simplify your life!
          End users

          End users





          Try e-Connect nowor download the app!

          Try e-Connect now
          or download the app!

          e-Connect allows the remote access to EL.MO. security systems from PC, Smartphone and Tablet, in order to allow the control, the management and the communication of the users with their security systems, from anywhere in the world via internet.

          TouchID and FaceID support

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